Our organisation was founded by Theravādan monks and the Hungarian disciples of Venerable Dhammasami in 2018 with the aim of setting up a monastery and a retreat centre for teaching the Dhamma, presenting meditation techniques and a place for joint practice.

In that founding year, our organisation bough five-acre land where the first buildings were erected. We plan to fully develop the entire compound over a period of 8-10 years. We accept donations for the construction on an on-going basis. In order to further our fundraising efforts, we established our educational centre named Therakadémia supporting the direct Theravādan Buddhist teachings.

We are planning to welcome residential monks from 2023 to have the direct presence of the Dhamma in our community. We strongly believe that making our monastery self-sustaining, running it as a non-profit social enterprise and serving the community objectives will contribute to create a common awareness which in turn will support every participant in adaptating to change, in his/her inner development on the path leading to enlightenment.

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