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Introduction to Abhidhamma

Introduction to Abhidhamma

Tiszteletreméltó Dr. Paññābogha, Tiszteletreméltó Dr. Sayalay Yuzana Nyani





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This ten-week course aims to provide assistance to the participants who are new to Abhidhamma study by getting them acquainted with basic principles. Despite the technical terms that might be encountered from time to time, the concepts offered by Abhidhamma are not new to us, but experienced in our daily life. This course primarily intends to offer an overview of how our mind is analysed from its emotional roots. In doing so, the mind from the dark side or the negative emotions will be discussed in more details as we often fall prey to them. These negative emotions poison our mind which will turn to habits which we tend to enjoy. Habits gradually turn to character which would determine our destination. Thus, it is imperative to understand the nature and function of our mind so that we can keep it under control, brining benefit to us and our society. What is more, this course will offer an overview of how consciousness arises in our daily life. At the same time, it plans to introduce the beautiful mental states which has the potential to detoxify those poisons from our mind. It is hoped that this course will benefit the participants with the knowledge that is applicable in daily life and meditation practice. The following are the topics to cover this.


1. How Realities shape us: Getting Acquaintance with Abhidhamma
2. Two sides of the Mind: Bright and Dark
3. Anger-root mental states (dosa catukka cetasikas) and how they function
4. Consciousness rooted in anger (dosamūla citta)
5. Attachment-rooted mental states (lobha, diṭṭhi and māna Cetasikas)
6. Attachment-rooted consciousness (lobha mūla citta) and their basis formations
7. Delusion-rooted mental states (moha catukka cetasikas) and their influence
8. Delusion rooted consciousness (moha mūla citta) and the unwholesome mind
9. Consciousness in Sense-sphere (kāmāvacara citta)
10. Looking at Beautiful mental states (sobhana cetasikas)

If you are a monk or a nun, you can register here and the course is free of charge. Please, give us the name of your community.

Price: 108 EUR

To apply for this course, fill in the form, please, and send it to

Registration form
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