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Theinngu Meditation: practices and techniques

Theinngu Meditation: practices and techniques

Dr. Pyi Phyo Kyaw







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This course draws on practices of key meditation teachers in Theinngu Meditation tradition of Myanmar and the meditation techniques employed by them. The main meditation object within the Theinngu tradition is breath. The practitioners are guided by the teachers to establish mindfulness (sati) and to contemplate on other meditation objects—such as feeling/sensation (vedanā), thoughts, intentions, etc.—that may arise during the practice. Although the techniques of Theinngu meditation are seemingly harsh and tough because of its use of fast, shallow breathing technique and of the 2-hours sitting session without intentionally changing the posture, the practitioners would be able to do these techniques with practice. Therefore, this course aims to

(1) provide the practitioners with a space where we can practise meditation techniques employed in the Theinngu tradition; and

(2) establish a practising community where we can discuss challenges and difficulties that we may face in our practice.

While we will mainly draw on the Theinngu meditation techniques and teachings, we will also explore our practice within the wider context of Theravada meditation traditions.

There will be 10 two-hours classes. During each class, we will practise for 90 minutes and 30 minutes are for discussion.

If you are a monk or a nun, you can register here and the course is free of charge. Please, give us the name of your community.

Price: 108 EUR

To apply for this course, fill in the form, please, and send it to

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